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You'll no longer need to search for an appropriate word in the dictionary if you simply need to ask for directions. You'll be able to interact with local people and make new friends.
According to statistics, speaking two
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The peculiar feature about our work is the quality that matters, not quantity. So, the group is built up with max 5 members which provides necessary time and opportunity to gain new skills for every single student.
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Regina Valiullina
Founder & English Teacher
Kazan Federal University, Institute of Oriental studies and international relations on a specialty the Teacher of foreign languages. International certificate – Cambridge certificate of Advanced English, 2011.
Irina Tursunkulova
English Teacher & Methodologist
Omsk State University n. a. F. M. Dostoevsky as a Teacher of foreign languages, 2013. The University of Maryland, USA.
Aleksey Orlinskiy
German & English Teacher
Kazan State University, Institute of Philology and intercultural communication named after Leo Tolstoy, 2017
Aysulu Sagitova
Russian as a foreign language teacher
Kazan Federal University, Department of Philology, 2007. PhD of Philology - since 2015. Training courses in the training center "Modern Philology "Institute of continuing education of KFU" - Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Teaching the language of specialty" (108 hours, 2016).
Marat Faizerakhmanov
iSpeaker English Club Host
NHTI (a branch of Kazan State Technical University) on a specialty the engineer-the programmer, 2009. SEC Study English in Canada, Toronto - English for Academic Preparation, 2014.
Inna Baskakova
French & English Teacher
Institute of Oriental studies and international relations specialization International relations, 2012. Higher school of political and international Sciences, France.
Maya Stoyanova
English Teacher. Business English.
Cambridge University, CELTA, 2001
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Hello, my name is Ivan Nikitin, I'm student of Master Degree at University Innopolis. When I started iSpeaker classes my level of English was Elementary. I had two goals: First of all, I wanted increase my knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and reaxh the Intermediate level. Secondly, I wished to improve my listening and speaking skills, to be able to confidently speak with foreign professors. iSpeaker helped me to reach my goal and to become more confident in English. Now I every day watch TED talks videos, and read whatever news on English language.
Ivan Nikitin
Innopolis University, student
My name is Elizaveta and I am a student at Innopolis University. When I came here my level of English was upper-intermediate and I wanted to keep it up and possibly enhance it to Advanced. My main goal, though, was to gain more practice since when you are not using a language you forget it. So, I started attending iSpeaker classes in English (advanced level) with a native speaker. The teacher was highly qualified in English and in teaching. The classes were always interesting and it didn't feel like studying but more like a well spent time in which I improved my English and also learned other interesting things as part of the exercises. Back then, I felt confident when speaking English and it became almost natural to fluently express my thoughts in English. Now, I feel that I am starting to forget the language again and it is harder for me to speak fluently when I don't have a regular practice. Nonetheless, I am using the new vocabulary I've learned and I feel more confident when it comes to grammar rules. A big Thank You to iSpeaker for providing appropriate conditions and skilfull professionals to help us improve our foreign language skills.
Elizaveta Kasnakova
Innopolis University, student
The course was a very good mixture of theoretical and practical training.
And it was very informative!
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to imrpove English skills.
Ayrat Salakhov
Head of IT Department at Innopolis University
Our mission
If you're tired of learning English in different institutes and you are getting no results, then iSpeaker Language School is the right place for you to develop your foreign language proficiency!
Our goal is to give you the opportunity to speak, ask questions and get answers, use grammar effectively. The course is structured so each learner can get what they aim at. You will learn in small class sizes of 10 learners maximum if the duration of the lesson 90 min. When choosing courses, there is always a moment of doubt, we understand that, so you can come to us for a free trial lesson and then make your choice.
There is also a system of discounts - 20% to low-income families, large families, by disability category, for a second language course, and one of the spouses (who are trained in the same or in another group), and a 10% discount to those who continue studying at the next level of the same language.
The acquired knowledge can be used not only in the classroom, but in a conversational club iSpeaker English club, which takes place twice a month. It's designed as a platform for practicing language skills for our students as well as for everyone to participate. The club works in two directions – meetings for levels Elementary/Pre-intermediate – game viewing and analysis of video materials, grammar, discussion, and secondly, meetings for levels Intermediate/Upper-intermediate discussion of the stated topic, debate, advanced grammar.
+7 (960) 048-92-59
Russia, Tatarstan, Innopolis City, Universitetskaya Str.1
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